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We’re Growing – Grow With Us!

We've grown to 2 services each Sunday! Times are 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  Both services will follow the same modern format as usual AND Crosspoint Kids/Nursery will be available at each.  See you this Sunday!

Actions Speak

In this series, Actions Speak, we’re going to talk about Crosspoint’s mission to CONNECT people to God and to GROW as servants of Christ. The challenge for each of us will be to convert the talk into action. When we act - people far from God get connected to him - and find peace When we act - people used to serving themselves, begin to serve others - and find joy When we act - God brings the power of his kingdom to earth as it is in heaven - and people’s lives change forever. Don’t miss a week of this series - God will do powerful things as we learn to let our Actions Speak.
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What people are saying about Crosspoint

I like that it is not a “traditional” church. I enjoy the family approach to teaching about the bible. We like meeting new families, volunteering to help, and Crosspoint Kids of course :)

I love the modern approach, I don’t feel I’m being preached to. I like how every service does have a message that I can leave with and put it towards my every day life. The weekly reminder of love your neighbor, family, and community and to open your heart to forgiveness is something I think we can all use.

Contemporary worship, not a huge auditorium, pastor is accessible.

It has friendly people with a relaxed, great environment. The songs and messages are always engaging.


Happening Now


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